360° event support is our passion. What is yours?

We love the diversity of our clients and projects and meet them with a similar diversity of our members. Sometimes it is hard to find a common ground to stand on as the different vews and perspectives have to be considered. In the end we always find a way to talk and be creative together. We achieve the impossible by always going one step further.
With satis&fy every day is different and not always as it was planned but always interesting and full of new learnings and ideas. Over the years we've grown into a pretty big organization with nine different locations worldwide. But what exactly is our business?

With over 500 employees at ten international locations, and more than 3,000 events, trade fair booths, and exhibitions each year, satis&fy is one of the highest performing companies in the events industry. Besides classic event technology services like lighting, audio, video, rigging, staging, and logistics, our portfolio also includes exhibit construction, furniture, event design, graphics, display, and inventory. We also provide our own workshops and programming studios.

We grow continuosly. And the best part is - most of our members stay for years. Until today over 500 members have found a reason to join the satis crew!

Our members are like a chocolate candy mix. All of them unique and different, but all of them great! And if you don't like chocolate candy - that is ok, too. In the end we want to realize events together and create WOW moments for our customers.

Depending on the project needs our teams are staffed interdisciplinray. Project Manager, Ingeneers, CAD-Palnner, Builders and Planners, Mulitmedia Specialists, Interior Architects, Carpenters, Lighting, Audio or Theater Masters - they all work hand in hand to find the best solutions for the project and its needs.

The last time we checked we had people 45 different job profils employed at satis&fy who put all their creativity and innovative ideas into amazing things.

Who are we looking for?

You are the one we are looking for, if you like to work in anb open organizational culture, if communicating on first name basis isn't a problem and if you like working in a team. We are not looking for some short term relationship. We want the serious stuff! If you are interested in getting to know each other and would like to stay with us for some time you could really be the missing part in our crew!
You are nodding?
Check in with us! We love to meet new people who share the same passion for events.

And the good news for you:
We really believe that recruitment is more than grades and certificates. Show us your talents and competencies and impress us. If we have the right spot for you in our team we will get in touch as soons as possible.

Become a #crewlover, become a part of satis&fy!

Insights into our everyday working life are provided by our satis&fy Stories and of course our Homepage gives you all important information about satis&fy.